Update: We won! Intuit gave up, read our true story below...

Intuit customers say they suck. They stole our program name and we are calling them on it with this website! Check out some of the many negative postings we found on the internet below. We were shocked and amazed! What ever happened to good old-fashioned business acumen, quality customer service and honesty???

Intuit likes to play hardball with their customers and other companies. We created our Billing Manager invoice software in 1990. We filed a copyright, so we can prove it, but we did not trademark the name. We were offering our software as a free try-before-you-buy download before Intuit even had a web site. We were on CompuServe (anyone remember them?), AOL and BBS's. When we were a young company, we did not think there were big companies just waiting to pounce on us. We learned our lesson.

When Intuit created their free online invoice website many years later, guess what name they selected for their product? (drum roll)... Billing Manager. Unbelievable! With all of the money and resources they have, they couldn't be creative enough to come up with their own product name. Instead, they copied ours because our product name is so well recognized around the world (over 95 counties!). They knew we would not challenge them because they are such a big company and have more resources than we do. We thought, what a dishonest, underhanded and sleazy thing for Intuit to do! It certainly did not leave us feeling all "warm and fuzzy" about their business practices, honesty, professionalism, creativity and ingenuity.

That got us thinking, since they did that to us, how do they treat their own customers and other companies? So we searched on the internet. We found a lot of angry and frustrated people. This web site was created to compile a list of links to these web articles and postings. These links will make you think twice before ever doing business with a company like Intuit.

You may ask how we still remain in business. Simple. When you buy our software, you save hundreds of dollars over "their" license fees, we don't charge their hefty "support fees" and our customers know a good value when they see it. Why don't you download our FREE Trial Version and see for yourself, FREE!

Check out some of the links we found...

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You get our point. You can find thousands of negative postings on the internet, just Google "Intuit Sucks".



Billing Manager has been discontinued.

We truly regret that we can no longer offer this service. In an effort to communicate this change as early as possible, on May 23 we had posted an announcement on the blog, and sent the first notices to customers in June and early July. We hope everyone that was previously using Billing Manager has identified an alternative solution.


M & R Technologies says:

"We finally won the battle and we are glad it's over, but we LOVE it when the "little guy" wins!! Shame on Intuit! Guess what they did next? They shut down their website, and all of their customers were locked out. They lost their ability to process their invoices and manage their accounts receivable. If you are tired of this non-sense, you can find the REAL Billing Manager here. We will treat you with dignity and respect, with our superior customer service, just the same as we have done for all of our customers since 1990."

M & R Technologies